1 donald bren – net work $18billion

Donald Bren, the epitome of America’s real estate wealth, reigns as the nation’s wealthiest real estate tycoon. Under his stewardship, the Irvine Co. commands a staggering 129 million square feet of prime real estate, predominantly nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Southern California. His extensive portfolio boasts over 590 meticulously crafted office buildings and 125 luxurious apartment complexes.

In a testament to his prowess, Bren holds an impressive 97% stake in the iconic MetLife Building, a prominent fixture in Manhattan’s skyline. Despite his lofty achievements, Bren’s journey began humbly, apprenticing as a carpenter’s helper alongside his father, a seasoned real estate investor.

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2 jonathan grey – net worth $7.6billion

Jonathan Gray joined Blackstone Group straight out of college in 1992 and swiftly ascended to lead the esteemed real estate division. Under his stewardship, the division burgeoned into one of Blackstone’s most valuable assets, managing a staggering $332 billion in investor capital. Gray masterminded the $26 billion acquisition of Hilton hotels in 2007, subsequently orchestrating its successful public offering in 2013, marking a historic milestone in the hotel industry.

In February 2018, Gray assumed the roles of COO and president at Blackstone, positioning him as a potential successor to CEO Steve Schwarzman. Beyond his corporate achievements, Gray is dedicated to philanthropy, having donated over $100 million to cancer research, spurred by the loss of his sister-in-law to ovarian cancer. His journey began early, working as a busboy at his mother’s catering company at the age of 14.

3 stephen ross – net worth $10.1billion

Stephen Ross transitioned from tax attorney to founder of Related Companies in 1972, initially focusing on affordable housing development. Since then, Related has amassed a portfolio exceeding $60 billion in properties spanning the globe, from California to Abu Dhabi to Shanghai.

In March 2019, after a decade of planning and construction, Related’s Hudson Yards, located on Manhattan’s west side, welcomed the public. The company is currently spearheading two colossal projects, The 78 in Chicago and Related Santa Clara in California, both poised to rival the scale of Hudson Yards.

Beyond real estate, Ross is renowned for his ownership of the Miami Dolphins NFL team and investments in Equinox Fitness, SoulCycle, and various fast-casual restaurant chains. In August 2022, the NFL suspended Ross for two months and fined him $1.5 million for tampering, a decision he vehemently contested.

4 Roy Carroll – net worth $2.6Billion

Roy Carroll II, CEO of Greensboro’s Carroll Companies, established the firm in 1983 alongside his father. Commencing as a custom homebuilding venture, Carroll assumed full ownership in 1990 and diversified into subdivisions and apartment complexes. Presently, Carroll Companies boasts ownership of over 13,000 apartments and 29 self-storage facilities across six Southeastern states and Montana. Carroll also owns the local online publication, the Rhino Times, alongside a notable collection of Ferrari sports cars.

5 Jeff Greene – net worth $7.5billion

Greene made a fortune buying credit default swaps on subprime mortgage-backed bonds during the housing crisis in 2007 and 2008, netting $800 million. He then turned that profit into a portfolio of apartments, condo buildings, hotels and office properties concentrated in California, Florida and New York.

6 Edward Roski Jr – net worth $7.4 billion

Roski Jr. inherited Majestic Realty Co. from his father, Edward Roski Sr., who established the Los Angeles-based real estate developer in 1948. With a vast portfolio exceeding 90 million square feet, Majestic Realty encompasses industrial, office, sports, entertainment, and hospitality properties. Notably, it stands as one of the nation’s largest owners of master-planned business parks, hosting tenants ranging from Amazon to UPS and Walmart. Additionally, Roski holds minority ownership in both the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and the NBA’s Lakers, and played a pivotal role in the development of the teams’ Crypto.com arena during the 1990s.

7 Neil Bluhm – net worth $6.3 billion

Headquartered in Chicago, Bluhm commands a vast empire spanning both the gambling and real estate sectors. From the Rivers casinos dotting the Northeast and Midwest to the forthcoming Century City Center in Los Angeles, a sprawling 700,000-square-foot office tower set to house CAA upon its 2026 completion, his reach is extensive. Notably, Rivers’ latest addition in Portsmouth, Virginia, swiftly rose to prominence upon its January opening, outstripping competitors to claim the title of the state’s premier gambling destination. Furthermore, reports suggest Bluhm is collaborating with the publicly traded real estate investment trust Vornado to pursue a coveted New York casino license, eyeing the vicinity surrounding Penn Station.

8 sam zell – net worth $5.2billion

Sam Zell, hailed as the architect of the modern real estate investment trust (REIT), passed away in May 2023 at the age of 81. Born to Polish refugees, Zell’s family narrowly escaped the ravages of war, fleeing just before Hitler’s army bombed the railway tracks near their hometown. Arriving in the U.S. via Japan in 1941, Zell embarked on a remarkable journey.

While pursuing his studies at the University of Michigan, Zell ingeniously managed a 15-unit student apartment building, securing a free room in exchange. By the time of his graduation, this endeavor was yielding $150,000 in profits. In 1968, he founded Equity Group Investments, laying the foundation for his nationwide real estate empire’s expansion in the ensuing decades.

One of Zell’s most notable achievements was the landmark $39 billion sale of office REIT Equity Office to Blackstone, just before the market downturn in 2007, marking one of the largest real estate deals in history. Concurrently, he spearheaded an $8.2 billion buyout of newspaper conglomerate Tribune Company, which unfortunately succumbed to bankruptcy shortly thereafter.